Group teaching for veterans

Because we can fight for peace together

Although we can rationally know that the past is the past and the present is harmless, we might have the experience of danger. We can try to change our thoughts, we can try to change our behavior and we can try to control our life situation, but it will not change the fact that we are unsafe and that it is involuntary and automatically beyond our control. The reason is that the body remembers, the experience of life has also shaped us on the bodily level. It is our nervous system that does its job to help us survive here and now.We can learn to feel our body and understand ourselves in a way that creates greater safety, acceptance and quality of life despite our past.But there is no quick solution without process and effort.It requires a wish to learn, a learning space with others, and someone that supports the process authentically and safely.

Here is the opportunity for veterans to find a safe learning space that can offer community, practical tools for regulating the nervous system as well as helping and understanding oneself. With Shlomy as a facilitator

Group training for veterans

  • Duration - 60 min.
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